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    Neobux Description
    Neobux is a well established and fastest growing Paid to Click PTC site that was introduced on March 28th, 2008. As a member of this site, you can make money with very ease. Neobux pays members to click on advertisers ads and visit their websites for a certain period. Advertisers invest money on Neobux in order to advertise their websites and Neobux pays money to its members to click on ads. You can also make money on Neobux by different ways such as doing easy mini tasks, completing free offers, referring other people and many more
           The amount of money you earn by clicking on ads is not enough. Pay rate totally depends on your level of membership with Neobux. There are three levels of membership, standard (Free), golden (Paid) and ultimate(Paid) membership. Paying rate of golden and ultimate memberships is relatively higher than paying rate of standard membership. Difference among the memberships can be seen below;
    Your clicks    
                                                          Standard            Golden            Ultimate
    Extended Exposure                           $0.015                $0.020               $0.020
    Standard Exposure                            $0.010                $0.010               $0.020
    Mini Exposure                                   $0.005                $0.005               $0.005
    Micro Exposure                                 $0.001                $0.001               $0.001
    Fixed Advertisements                         $0.001                $0.010               $0.020
    Fixed Advertisements                         $0.001                $0.001               $0.001

    Commissions from
    Direct Referrals                             Standard            Golden            Ultimate

    Extended Exposure                          $0.0050               $0.0100             $0.0100
    Standard Exposure                           $0.0050               $0.0100             $0.0100
    Fixed Advertisements                       $0.0005               $0.0050             $0.0100
    NeoCoin offers                                     20%                    20%                   20%
    Mini Jobs offers                                    12%                    12%                   12% 

    Commissions from
    Rented Referrals                           Standard            Golden             Ultimate

    Extended Exposure                          $0.0100               $0.0200              $0.0200
    Standard Exposure                           $0.0050               $0.0100              $0.0100
    Fixed Advertisements                       $0.0050               $0.0100              $0.0100

    Neobux Summary
    Sign up on Neobux is free.
    Anyone can join Neobux around the world.
    Neobux provides different ways to earn money to its members like click on ads, completing free offers, doing mini tasks, referring others etc.
    Neobux pays via Paypal, Payza and Neteller.
    Neobux make instant payments.
    Minimum cashout is $2